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We are a small family owned and operated showpig operation that strives to produce quality hogs at affordable prices. We typically farrow 10-15 litters two times per year. When you purchase from us, we encourage you to call us with any questions you may have and to keep us updated on your animals progress. Pigs available at the farm!


Painted For War

. He is the Res Champion Duroc Boar from the 2017 Fall Classic. He was purchased from Norman Brothers with the 23K Fordice sow on both sides of his pedigree. His bone, foot, fore rib is awesome! Great top shape, super hip structure. Truly “Pedigreed to Win!”
Semen $150.00 per dose.


Congratulations Riley Emery and family on their 3rd place at San Antonio

Res Champion Duroc gilt at the 2017 Fall Classic.
She has been retained at Powher Showpigs. She is due to farrow in April to Painted for War.

Congratulations to Sara Marlow on her Division I Champion Crossbred Gilt at the American Royal 2017.

Congratulations to Peyton Hill of Hill Show pigs on raising this tremendous litter. The Dam was purchased from us at the 2015 WPX.
Congratulating Justin Messner

Congratulations Justin Messner!
Congratulations to Jeff & Sara Marlow! Great smiles and great finishes!
Congratulations to Shalynn Jones Grand Champion at Adair County!
Congratulations Braydon Munkres for his Breed Champion of San Juan County, N.M.
Congratulations to the Messners on their Breed Champion & 5th overall barrow at the Kansas State Fair.
Congratulations to the Hortons Class Winner at the New Mexico State Fair. Look at that smile!!!
Congratulations to Andrew Anderson Reserve Champion & 5th overall barrow at the KJLS.
Congratulations to Molly Flanagen from Tennesee! Reserve Grand Champion twice
Congratulations to Shaelynn & Kyler Jones from Stillwell Oklahoma! Grand Champion Swine and Grand Champion Breeding Swine
   Great job! Justin Messner
Grand Champion Duroc barrow 2016 KJLS

Litter Info

2018 Spring Litters

Litter One, Duroc
February 3rd
Pure Power x Franchise
This boar is the heaviest structured boar I have raised to date.
This sow was points champion in Green Country last year. Very nice sow, heavy structured, big topped, super good feet and legs. This litter has me very anxious!

Litter Two, Duroc
February 14
Watch and Learn x Franchise
This boar speaks for himself. Go to Purple Powers web site and look at his track record.
This sow is litter mate to litter one’s mother. This sow was seventh at OYE last year.

Litter Three, Duroc
February 14th
Pure Power x Franchise
This boar is the heaviest structured boar I have raised to date.
This sow was second to the Res Champion at Tulsa two years ago, 7th overall.

Litter Four, Spot
February 23rd
Loud Mouth x Dyno
What a Spot boar!
This sow has done a great job. Feet, legs and great body.

Litter Five, Duroc
March 2nd
Focus x He’s The One
This boar is genetically stacked! He is a litter mate to the Res Overall at the WPX!
This gilt is a litter mate to the barrow we call Mr Kansas from last summer. Arguably the winningest barrow in Kansas last summer, Res Champion at KSF.

Litter Six, Duroc
March 2nd
Focus x Bull Rush/Full Shift
This boar is genetically stacked! He is a litter mate to the Res Overall at the WPX!
If you follow pedigrees, this litter is Super Stacked! Attention and this gilt have many similarities. Added to that He’s The One. The gilts in this litter should be hot commodities!

Litter Seven, Duroc
March 12th
007 x Grandpa Jack
This Champion from Adair County should match up with this Triple B boar nicely!

Litter Eight, Cross
March 16th
Total Conviction x Thunderstruck/Fully Committed
The $40,000 boar at Triple B and this F1 gilt has me really excited to see!

Litter Nine, Duroc
March 19th
Painted for War x Red Bull
I am super pumped about this Res Champion from the Fall Classic that I purchased! He has two shots of the $23k Fordice sow in his pedigree! Huge feet, great rib, super hip, flexible! This is one of my favorite sows.

Litter Ten, Duroc
March 30th
Painted for War x He’s The One
The second of two litters this spring out of this exciting boar. This gilt was Champion at the Colgate jackpot this summer as well as litter mate to Mr Kansas, Res KSF.