We are a small 2 family owned and operated showpig operation that strives to produce quality hogs at affordable prices. We typically farrow 10-15 litters two times per year. When you purchase from us, we encourage you to call us with any questions you may have and to keep us updated on your animals progress. Call for an appointment.

Pigs available at the farm!



American Pharoah

Semen $150.00 per dose Limited Semen
Full Throttle x Crown Royal/Buck Cherry
Super Thick, big ribbed, square to the ground coming and going!

Mr Triple Power
Mr Triple Cherry x Full Shift
Huge Rib Cage, Square, Excellent Pin set. Duroc Boar
$100.00 Per dose

HERB Teddy Bear
He is at Olsen Yorkshires
"Fruit Juice"
Juicy Fruit x Tug
Semen is available from Southern Oklahoma Genetics 1-877-907-3636.

Congratulations to Jeff & Sara Marlow!
Great smiles and great finishes!

Congratulations to Shalynn Jones
Grand Champion at Adair County!

Congratulations Braydon Munkres for his
Breed Champion of San Juan County, N.M.

Congratulations to Levi Herrin on his Class Winning Barrow
at the American Royal!

Congratulations to the Messners on their Breed Champion
& 5th overall barrow at the Kansas State Fair.

Congratulations to the Hortons
Class Winner at the New Mexico State Fair.
Look at that smile!!!

Congratulations to Andrew Anderson
Reserve Champion & 5th overall barrow at the KJLS.
Congratulations to Molly Flanagen from Tennesee!
Reserve Grand Champion twice
Congratulations to Shaelynn & Kyler Jones from Stillwell Oklahoma!
Grand Champion Swine and Grand Champion Breeding Swine

This York gilt was third in class at both the World Pork Expo an at Louisville.
She is a litter mate to the Grand over all barrow at both of those shows.
She is the mother of our Banche litter 27, born on Dec. 1st.
2012 December 1st York litter
Banche x Starbucks (litter mate to Grand overall barrow at WPX & STC)


Congratulations to Cheyenne Douglas!
Reserve Grand Champion at Lincoln County
Also placed at OYE

Congratulations to the Parrick family on two outstanding barrows!
The Yorkshire was Breed/Res Breed 13 times.

Congratulations to Cheyenne Douglas!
Lincoln County Res. Breed Champion

Congratulations to T & K Showpigs!
This barrow was Grand once,
Breed or Res Breed 4 times.

Congratulations to Kassidy Bailey!
This Buck Cherry gilt (Macy) was class I winner at the NJSA show in Chickasha, 2nd at OKC Fair, two other Res. Breed Champions. Macy and her sister will be raising piglets at PowHer Show pigs!

3rd in Class
OYE 2011
Congratulations Shawn Ames!!

Congratulations Reynolds Family on your
Houston Premium Sale barrow

Class Winner
Southwest District Show
Mustang Local
Second in Class II
OYE 2011
Congratulations to the Rutledges!!!

Congratulations Makayla Reynolds
Champion Duroc
09’ Randall County Livestock Show, Texas

Congratulations Simms Family on your
Division Winner Yuma, Arizona

Grand Barrow Overall
08’ fall beckam county
Grand Overall
Cheyenne futurity show.

Congratulations to the Rutledge family!
Breed Champion at the NW District
This barrow was Breed Champion 4 times!

Champion Cross

2008 Lincoln County

Champion York

2006 Spring Lincoln County


2016 Fall Litters

Litter One, Duroc, due August 1st.
Franchise x Red Bull/Full Shift. This is maybe the best gilt I’ve ever raised.
Litter Three, Duroc, due August 12th.
American Pharoah x Iconic/Light ‘em up. Littermate to the Res. Champion gilt at State fair of Texas.
Litter Five, Duroc, due August 14th.
Decidedly Different x Red Bull/Full Shift. Another stout, big bodied, heavy muscled gilt that is littermate to the litter one gilt.
Litter Seven, Duroc, due August 15th.
American Pharoah x Bren/Buck Cherry. This sow is a full sister to five champions.
Litter Nine, Duroc, due August 19th.
Shiftin’ Gears x The Answer. This sow is at the top of my list of favorites. She is a littermate to the barrow that made the sale at the NMSF.
Litter Eleven, SPOT, due August 28th.
Bada-Bing x Happy Feet/Thunder. This sow is a full sib to Tango, Sweet Feet, Big Sexy, Cha Cha as well as many top females.
Litter Thirteen, CROSS, due August 30th
SKY’S THE LIMIT x Best Man/Blue Moon. (Wasabi) This will be one HOT litter!
Litter Fifteen, Duroc, due August 30th.
Mr Triple Power x Iconic. Super loose made sow. Littermate barrow was a county champion and 3rd place at NMSF.
Litter Seventeen, CROSS, due Sept. 1st.
Mr Majestic x Fully Committed (York). This sow has put many pigs into premium sales in Arkansas, Oklahoma & Texas.
Litter Nineteen, Duroc, due Sept. 2nd.
American Pharoah x Iconic. Super loose made sow. Littermate barrow was a county champion and 3rd place at NMSF.
Litter Twenty One, SPOT, due Sept. 14th.
Loud Mouth x Wilma. One very balanced female. Super wide front to rear.
Litter Twenty Three, Duroc, due Sept. 16th.
Yeti x Real Deal. Super nice gilt. Very feminine.
Litter Twenty Five, Duroc, due Sept 30th.
Grandpa Jack x Red Ice/Buck Cherry. This sow is a littermate to the Res Champion at the KJLS.


Ted Herber & Billy Powell
(Ted) 405-240-7627
(Billy) 405-747-8942
Agra, OK
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